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Hand Sanitizer

Pure Clean Hand Sanitizer Gel - 70% Ethanol(Alcohol) - Kills Germs 99.9% - Aloe Vera + Glycerin For Sensitive Skin – 500ml(16.9oz) – SCENT FREE


* CONTAINS 70% ETHANOL ALCOHOL - KILLS GERMS 99.9%: Stop the spread of illness causing germs.

* SAFE FOR KIDS: Great hand sanitizer for home and work. Pure natural ingredients are gentle for sensitive skin, while killing germs.

* MOISTURIZING & GENTLE ON SENSITIVE SKIN: Pure natural ingredients deeply nourish skin. Free from the harshest synthetic chemicals that irritate sensitive skin. Our hand sanitizer formula includes Aloe Vera and natural skin friendly Glycerin to keep your skin moisturized with no sticky felling.

* PROTECTION: Protect you and your family from harmful germs.

* SCENT FREE w/ALOE VERA: Convenient dispenser bottles are also great for personal use. Keeping a bottle handy in your home, office, car and bag to keep you germ free.


Ship from US warehouse

16.9 oz (500 ml) / $2.99 per bottle FOB for US buyers only

MOQ: 5,000 units

Payment Method: T/T

FDA Registration Certificate

Made in Korea

OEM / Ship from factory in Korea

16.9 oz (500 ml) / $1.95 per bottle FOB Korea for global buyers

MOQ: 20,000 bottles

Payment Method: T/T or Escrow

FDA Registration Certificate

Private label available

Made in Korea


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